Friday, 26 April 2013


Soooooooooooo I've decided that I will 
not be posting on here anymore.
Leave me your Twitter and Instagram 
in the comments so I can still read your blogs!
please and thank you! 

There's mine so you know who I am 
and don't think I'm some crazy.
(Okay you still probably will. ;-) )


Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Instagram :-)

So I never really remember to post 
on here but I'm always posting on my instagram. 


So if you like nails, makeup and cats
follow me on my instagram kay!


Thursday, 14 March 2013

Glitzology : Boy Girl Party.

Glitzology. Boy Girl Party.
Over GOSH Spot On! Pink.
One Coat GOSH. One Coat Glitzology.
Top Coat of Seche Vite.
No Flash.

I little Information on Glitzology 
before I ramble on about it and why
I haven't been on here very often.


This was my first Indie buy and Stacy 
made it super amazing for me!
She was super nice and looked into
all the ingredients and made sure
that nothing contained animal
ingredients and that nothing was
or ever was tested on animals.
She was great!

I purchased 6 minis from her this time,
and will be posting swatches of all of
them when I have between school.

They are really easy to apply, 
you do have to fish a little bit 
if you want to the the little
stars though.
(I don't think I even got any
on this hand.)
But they are all so cute!

Now about me, 
Sorry I have not been posting,
I have just started school,
and with that I have no time to
do my nails.

I also have to spray my
brushes with alcohol all the time
and its taking off my nail polish
and horribly destroying my cuticles.
That's why my cuticles are looking 
a little zombie like here.