Makeup Student.
Crazy Cat Lady.

I have been in love with
cosmetics since I was a little kid.
What little girl wasn't?

I've always cared about animals.
I first started to learn about
how the cosmetic industry
was treating animals from my 
older cousin.
She used to visit us
in the summer and would
share her vegan knowledge with me.
I first started cutting out meat
and making sure my products weren't
tested on animals
when I was 13.


I am an old 
crazy cat lady at heart.
My cat is like my baby.
Yes I am one of those people.
But isn't he cute?

I love photography 
and am slowly trying to 
teach myself.
My photos are taken with my
Canon Rebel T3i.
As you can see, 
I am still learning.

1 comment:

  1. You are ridiculously cute.
    Your cat looks like a cartoons kitten, in this pic reminds me a lot of "is this my voice?" - The Emperor's New Groove.
    You've subbed to my blog and I thank you for that and I hope to read your comments, keep in touch, get to know you and hopefully get some tips and collab.