Thursday, 27 December 2012

My E.L.F. Christmas Makeup!

Very very very simple.
I decided to post this so I those
who want to know a few E.L.F. Products
at once could seeee!
This is pretty much my everyday look
besides the lashes.

I first start out with
Studio Mineral Infused 
Face Primer.
If you have tried the 
Smashbox primer, 
this is very similar.
Its very silky and 
fills in all your pores.
(I also use this on my hair
after using the flat iron
to help with my dead hair!)

Then I use Studio 
Maximum Coverage Concealer 
in Porcelain. 
This is great if you have oily
And it covers amazingly!

I used my all time favorite
powder, Essentials Clarifying 
Pressed Powder in Ivory.
I used to use MAC powder
before they went evil and
I actually prefer this!
(It costs me $1!)
It does not get cakey
and really helps my oily skin.
If I had to choose only one product,
this would be it!

I applied a little bit of
Essentials Shimmering Facial Whip
in Pink Lemonade to my cheek bones.
(Which the picture makes it 
very hard to tell I did so)
I am in love with this product.
You can use it anywhere on 
your face you want.
It does have a light scent,
but i have very very very
sensitive skin and it did 
not bother me.
Neither did the scent.
(and I am a chronic
Migraine sufferer so 
almost all scents bother me.) 

For my brows I used 
Studio Eyebrow Kit 
in Medium.
Small amount of wax to
shape and the light powder
to finish them off.
I have tried many many many
different brands looking for the 
perfect brow kit and I've finally 
found it.
The medium is just right for my
skin tone, but I have also tried
the light and dark versions
as well. 
When I was a blonde I
could use the light,
but the dark was just 
way to dark for my skin tone.
(keep in mind I'm as pale as a ghost.)

The false eyelashes I used
were the Dramatic Lash Kit.

I then lined my lash and waterline 
with Essentials Waterproof Eyeliner 
Pen in Black. 
Just to cover the false lashes.

I use Studio Lash Extending 
Mascara in Black to help blend 
together the false lashes
and my real ones. 
Also to make my eyes even darker.

 I use Studio
Matte Lip Color in Rich Red
to finish my face.
(because you cant go without lipstick!)
Very Easy to apply.
And really does last all day!
(See my Separate Swatch for this

To set everything 
in place, I use Studio
Makeup Mist & Set.

I hope you liked my little look.
I will try to add swatches for each
product when I can.
If you liked it,
I'd love a follow!

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