Friday, 7 December 2012

Wet N Wild Mega Last Lip Color Ravin' Raisin.

Wet N Wild. 
Mega Last Lip Color. 
Ravin' Raisin (916D).

For some reason this color
makes me think of something
an old lady would wear in the 90's.
Yes, I am weird.
I am not fond of this color.
Not only is it too dark for me,
but it was awful to apply.
And I look to much like 
an old lady.
Maybe if I wasn't so pale.
The packaging
is also not so amazing.
I've already broke it somehow,
and this is my first
 time even using it.


  1. I know a friend who loves vintage fashion. She would LOVE this colour. Do you think the colour was specifically a bad formula or that all wet 'n' wilds would have terrible application?

  2. The mega last ones I've had problems with but their others where fine.