Saturday, 5 January 2013

Essence; Modern Romance.

Essence. Modern Romance. 4 Coats. 
With Flash.
First couple coats were a bit streaky,
but evened out by the third coat.
You cant see it in the picture, 
but it does have glitter within it.
What is the term for that?
Shimmery? Glittery?
I am not a huge fan of this,
because when I picked it up,
I didn't realize that it was going to
be all glittery.
I hattteee glitter!
(Yes I'm probably the only person who does!)
Any suggestions on a color similar to 
this without the glitter?

(I'm on the laptop today, 
so the image sucks cause 
Lightroom was screwing up.)


  1. They all seem to have chunky glitter in the new ones. I agree it's kind of disappointing. It's generally very subtle though. Is it the removal you hate or the look?

  2. The look.
    I don't mind glitter if its like supposed to be glitter. But I hate getting a polish and its has hidden glitter in it.
    That made no sense. :-(