Friday, 11 January 2013

I Need Your Help!

As you have probably already
guessed, I am new to all this.
I was hoping that the few
followers I have would be able
to help me out.

I want to order some
indie polishes and
don't know where to start.
Are they all vegan?
What are your favorites?
(just realized that there
are different definitions of
indie polish. 
I am not looking
for stuff like:
Cult nails, NCLA,
Obsessive Compulsive, etc.)

Also I never really use a
base or top coat.
Do you have any favorites?
Any that are fast drying?
Are they vegan?

I'd really appreciate the help!



  1. Here's a handy list

    Nubar is vegan friendly and I adore their polishes. I use Zoya anchor base coat and all color lock is vegan. They have a nice top coat and quick dry drops, they don't work as quickly as say seche vite but it could be a good alternative.

    1. Yes!
      I actually pretty much live by her list.
      I will look to Zoya for the base and top coat then. Do you know if seche vite is vegan? ive been searching and cant seem to find the anwser. :-(
      Thanks for your suggestions!

  2. You can message shop owners on etsy to find out if they are vegan or not. You should double check because I don't know for the ones I'm listing but they're definitely my favourite.

    WingDust Collections is run by a really sweet girl named Stephanie. I ordered from her and she gave me a discount code for people to use for 15% off (BLAHG15) which I believe still works =)

    You may have heard about The Hungry Asian and she has a lot of cute colours I think you'd really like.

    Recently I ordered from Glitzology and I've been lemming a lot of I Love Nail Polish. Jindie Nails has also been getting really popular really fast.

    I hope this helps! Good luck and don't break the bank, okay! <3

    1. Thank you, I'll message them.
      This is what I meant by indie polish too!
      Do you have any of the hungry Asian ones?
      Those were the ones I was looking at, but didnt know if they were good.
      Thank you thank you thank you!
      love love love.

  3. As far as brand name... Zoya is vegan. Etsy is a great resource to purchase vegan indies ( Mint is one of those companies...amazing)
    I'll do some research for you on some of my other faves to see if they are vegan-friendly. :)

    1. Thank you!
      You are amazing!

    2. Pretty Serious is super fun and 3 Free & Vegan.. check them out

    3. Thank you! I'll have a look! :-)

  4. I'm not sure if they are vegan or not but my favourite indie brands are Pretty & Polished, Lush Lacquer, Hare and I'm waiting on some polishes to arrive from Glitzology. They all seem super lovely as well so I'm sure they'd be happy to answer any questions you had about being vegan, they're all on etsy/facebook.

    I'm a bit slack with base/top coats. I've just ordered opi nail envy base coat though which is supposed to be amazing. I plan on buying seche vites topcoat as well at some point

    Was just googling to see if opi were vegan and I found this, might be helpful if you haven't already found something similar!

    1. Thanks for the suggestions on the indie brands. Ill have to contact them all and ask.

      OPI is not vegan nor cruelty free.

      I was just not sure on the indie brands because they don't really list that on their facebook or etsy.

      I've used that list before as a reference but she doesn't list the indie brands. :-(

      Thanks again!