Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Pokemon Challenge : Week Three : Water .

I feel as if I am posting this a little
too early, but I really wanted to post.

Week three is water Pokemon.
There were so many simple ones
to choose from so it was hard.
Apparently (according to Gavin)
I have mixed two Pokemon in this one.

It was just too cute not too!

Can you guess what other Pokemon 
he thought was mixed with this?
Hope you like it!

All I want is you
All I want is the truth
She's got a new disguise
Pull the shade and lock the door
You don't need it anymore
She's got a new disguise



  1. I thought they were poliwag! But now i see the picture they do really look like Omanyte :) xx

  2. yep, totally thought it was poliwag! haha. cute :)

  3. Ive just looked at these again and i can see omanytes tentacles now! I looked on my pc and i cant.. Think i need to fix my screen settings!!

    1. I know they are sorta hard to see. I should have not done the green as the background color. :-(

  4. Oh this is awesome! Great skills

  5. omg! this is lovely!!! i don't know pokemons but i think it's sooooo cute! have u seen my "a mani a month challange"? i'd like u to jump in!