Friday, 25 January 2013

Pokemon Challenge. Week Two: Fire.

So I sorta skipped week one because they 
were not good enough to post here.
Week two is fire Pokemon.
And seeing how I don't know to many
Pokemon I would stick with one that
I actually remembered from when I was a kid.

Because hes so cute!

Hope that they look somewhat like him.

Do I have to list what polishes I used?
Hope you like them!

Check out what everyone else did too!


  1. You did such a good job! These are tooooo cute! You shoulda posted Grass too, they were awesome <3

  2. Adorable! And your nail's shape is sooo kitten like..mieewww!!!

    1. I know!
      I had to reshape my nails for this one.
      I was so sad.
      I always have extremely squared off nails
      unless I decide to do an acrylic set.
      And now my nails are all short and ugly. :-(

  3. This is so cute! :) I really love love love it!

    1. Awee!
      Thank you so much!
      I'm so happy that you like them.
      I was worried that they wouldn't
      look like him at all!

  4. I love these! You were very brave to reshape your nails but the almond shape really suits you!!

    I also really liked your grass nails!!